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What is Pasembur


Pasembur is a spicy salad dish that are usually sold by Indian as well as Chinese hawkers. The Indian version is often called Mamak Rojak while the Chinese version is often called Cheh Hoo. The name cheh hoo means "raw fish", although presently, the only raw "fish" in the dish is likely to be the jellyfish, which is also often poached.

Pasembur is a popular Penang hawker food usually taken as a side dish during lunch and dinner time. It comprises shredded cucumber, hong kuak (Chinese turnip), potatoes, taukua (beancurd), bean sprout, along with hae chi (prawn fritters), niau-choo chi (flour-batter fritters, literally meaning "mouse fritters"), and sliced boiled egg. Some stalls also garnish it with poached jellyfish. The whole salad dish is then covered in a spicy sauce made from sweet potato.

Ingredients of Pasembur:

  • cucumber
  • Chinese turnip
  • potatoes
  • beancurd
  • bean sprout
  • prawn fritters
  • flour-batter fritters
  • boiled egg
  • poached jellyfish
  • sweet potato gravy
  • chilli paste

  • Where to find Pasembur

    Map showing locations where Pasembur is available on Penang Island:

    Pasembur is available at the following locations in Penang:

  • Balik Pulau Market Hawker Centre
  • Restoran Bee Hooi, Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus
  • Edgecumbe Road Pasembur, Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney
  • Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, Persiaran Gurney
  • Northam Beach Cafe, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

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